4 Channel Relay Module LRCMR

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» 1 pole 16 A, 1 form C (CO) contact 

» Coil voltage: 12VDC 

» Contact rating: 24VDC, 250VAC 

» DC coil 530 mW 

» 5kV/10mm coil-contact, reinforced insulation 

» Ambient temperature 70° C (special applications 85° C)) 

» Flux proof

  • Synthesized or Crystal Type 
  • Controlled through public paging system or POCSAG transmitter 
  • 4 Switch output for control 4 devices on/off and serial data out 
  • Antenna connection: Exteranl with SMA connect (optional) 
  • Output speed: 4800, 9600bps 
  • Data Format: Numeric, Alpha, Binary 
  • RF 4 Channel Relays 
  • The heavy duty Relays allows advanced users to control external devices for Facilities Maintenance, or the timers, garage door control. 
  • POCSAG / FLEX telemetry module 
  • 5 VDC Power Source 
  • A 5W transmitter TX-200 can activate this RF receiving controller in distance of 5 kilometers away 
  • We offer basic software or creating your own software is welcomed 
  • This 4 channels multifunction RF receiving controller can be used to turn on/ off relays include fields of electronically operated gate, windows, Lifting Appliance, Switch, Lifter, Agricultural Control System, Industrial Control, Security Industry etc. 
Frequency  VHF 135~174MHz, UHF 430~470MHz, UHF 860~872MHz
Maximum Deviation  ±2.5 KHz / ±4.5 KHz
Harmonic Radiation  – 60 dBc or less -36dBm
Frequency Stability  ±3 ppm at –10° C ~ +60° C
Antenna  50Ω SMA (F)
Data Interface  UART TTL
Prog. Interface  2.5 earphone jack
Power Source  5V DC
Dimension (mm)  80(W) x 115(H) x 20(D)
Weight  205 g