POCSAG Signal Repeater TX-200RP

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  • Repeat Pocsag Signal 
  • Powerful one or five watt output modes, 

roughly equivalent to additional coverage of 

between 0.8 and 4 kilometre in unobstructed 

open space 

  • A rugged, ultra-compact 
  • Active voltage range: DC12 V, 3A 
  • RS232 port (programming) 
  • BNC antenna input 
  • one power LED; one transmission in-progress LED 
  • TX-200RP is also compatible with virtually any 

other POCSAG transmitter 

  • Support varies installation methods: hanging 

or placement 

  • Applications: Loading Docks, Shopping Malls, 

Warehouses, Service Centers, Construction, 

Facilities Maintenance & Engineering, 

Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants

Frequency  VHF 135~174MHz , UHF 430~470MHz
Data Rate  512/1200/2400 bps
Delay Time  About 0 ~ 60Sec.
Output Power  10mW, 1W, 5W
Supply Voltage  DC 12V/3A
Operating Temperature  -10˚C ~ + 50˚C
Power Consumption  Standby 300mA, On Air 2.1A (Tx 5W) @VHF │ Standby 300mA, On Air 1.7A (Tx 5W) @UHF
Antenna  BNC (F)
Dimension (mm)  111(L) x 90(W) x 30(H)


Receiver Specifications
LO Frequency Temperature Stability  < 3ppm
Receiver Sensitive  < -118dBm @12dB SINAD
Image Rejection  >60dB
Spurious Rejection  >60dB
Adjacent Channel Rejection  12.5kHz: >52dB ; 25kHz: >60dB
Intermodulation Response Rejection  +/-25kHZ/50kHZ: 60dB │ +/-50kHZ/100kHZ: 60dB
2nd IF Frequency  455kHz
IF Bandwidth  15kHz


Transmitter Specifications
Output Power  10dBm ~ 37dBm (10mW – 5W)
Modulation Type  FM, 2FSK
FSK,FM Deviation  +/- 2.5kHz,+/- 4.5kHz,+/- 5kHz
Frequency Tolerance  < 5ppm@VHF │ < 3ppm@UHF
Frequency Stability  < 5ppm@VHF │ < 3ppm@UHF
Harmonic  < -57dBc or -36dBm
Spurious  < -60dBc