s.GUARD alarm server


With the s.GUARD Alarm Server events from different sources (building management system, fire alarm systems,
network management, light call, etc.) are combined, processed centrally and as per predefined scenarios trans-
mitted to the alarm organisation via various communication channels via SMS, voice message, mobile app, on-
site paging, email, on-site text-messaging over DECT, on-site siren, screens and pop-up windows on PCs.
The s.GUARD Alarm Server has a large number of interfaces for integrating your existing monitoring systems.
Thanks to compatibility with all modern telephone systems, universal use of the alarm server is possible even in
the event of a change of your PBX system.
The alarm server is already in its eighth generation (current: Windows Embedded System hardened system
/ Windows Server 2012 64 Bit R2). All modules were developed strictly according to uniform rules using the latest
WEB technologies and methods (ASP.NET, MS SQL, AJAX). This increases the stability and consistency of our
solutions with regard to new performance features and interfaces.
Not all hardware and software requires proprietary modules: It consists of standard components common on the
market, which simplifies support and guarantees a high level of investment protection.
The s.GUARD Alarm Server is available in different sizes, whereby s.GUARD Junior is the hardware component for
Swissphone’s hybrid alarm management solutions.