Efficient fleet management for terminals

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 Swissphone Terminal Update Tool (shorthand TUT) offers a tool for efficient and convenient configu- ration of terminal fleets, both small and large.

Imagine you have 20 RES.Q terminals in stock. Before delivering them to the end user you wish to:

    • Update the firmware
    • Set network parameters (such as reception frequency and baud rate) in all terminals
    • Individualise the terminals with RICs, profiles etc.

Typically you use a terminal flasher, PSWplus and the document describing how to individualise each device. Using the Terminal Update Tool, the configuration process can be streamlined:

First, create a base configuration and select it in the user interface. Second, select the desired firm- ware and list how to individualise each device. Finally, you simply press ‹start› and all you have to do is plug the terminals into the programmer, then wait for the green arrow showing when TUT is ready for the next terminal.

Additionally, you can set up your TUT with multiple programming cradles. Up to eight cradles can easily be handled by a normal laptop computer. This allows you to scale from small fleets to managing fleets of hundreds or even thousands of terminals.

You can use the programming set ‹PG Set Expert› as a programming cradle. The included USB to RS232 adapter cable allows you to connect to four cradles to most laptops easily. When deciding how many cradles you want, please keep in mind the following: if you use 8 cradles and do firmware update plus configuration, on average about every 15 seconds a terminal will be finished!

Supported terminals:

    • s.QUAD
    • RES.Q

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CD Software terminal update tool 0991892