eriX.compact / .advanced / .command


The eriX® communication system connects a wide
variety of communication means and subsys-
tems, such as telephony, radio, building technol-
ogy, voice documentation and alerting. Thanks to
its intuitive touch user interface, communication
and control tasks can be completed easily and
reliably. The system can trigger events automat-
ically through the eriX® matrix; for example, the
building management technology. Lighting, doors
and many others can be controlled if an alert is
received. But the erix® matrix can also trigger au-
tomatic alerting when risks are identified, such as
fire and flooding.

Functionalities eriX. compact eriX. advanced eriX. command
Connections to subsystems
PABX connection via VoIP
Analogue radios up to 4
Digital radios up to 4
Building Automation IO, EIB / KNX optional optional
Alerting and Receiving 5-Tone optional optional
Alerting and Receiving POCSAG optional optional
External Voice recorder optional optional
Software functionalities

touch-screen GUI

Telephone book
Integrated touch keyboard
Vehicle status monitor
Event documentation
Import / Export of telephone book optional optional optional
SMS optional optional
Matrix functionality
Interface ELS
Windows 7 Professional 32 / 64 Bit support
Windows 10 support in preparation in preparation in preparation