I.SEARCH alarm server


The I.SEARCH alarm server monitors, informs, alarms, connects and searches. The radio-based I.SEARCH infor-
mation system is modular and can be adapted to your needs in many ways. The open system offers a variety of
interfaces to different input modules, which can be connected as required. The system can be easily integrated
into any IT and PBX environment.
Alarms can be sent via a dedicated paging network or via a hybrid paging/ SMS gateway. Large factory premises
can be covered by a single transmitting station. For more complex building structures, several transmitters can be
installed. This results in a single-channel radio network that guarantees interference-free reception in overlapping
areas. Simple networking of several alarm servers via LAN makes it possible to expand the paging system to serve
several company sites.
Integrated monitoring functions continuously check the I.SEARCH system and the radio network, hardware as
well as software. Any errors detected can be reported to other systems. To achieve availability approaching 100
per cent, the I.SEARCH system can be designed redundantly and coupled with UPS components for maximum
reliability and autonomy.
Intelligent multi charger units for paging terminals provide automated notification of personnel movements, a use-
ful aid to shift management and the planning of resources. With two-way terminals such as the RES.Q, alerts can
be acknowledged. In the event of an absence or a negative response, the system automatically escalates the alert
according to the alarm plan.
The basic system consists of a 19” rack with a controller and a power supply unit. The base unit is chosen accord-
ing to the required transmitter. It can be equipped with up to six additional hardware modules and various software
modules. In addition, the I.SEARCH alarm server is available in choice of designs for optimal integration into the
user organisation’s environment.