I.SITE II transmitter interface module


The OIC module is an output / input controller interface which connects Swissphone I.SITE POCSAG
transmitters-for radio coverage expansion-to a Swissphone on-site paging system.
Per interface up to 4 transmitters I.SITE
Description: The hardware module ‹OIC› is controlled by the SC module. Up to three I.SITE II can be
operated by a twisted wire connection per SC. The connection may not exceed 600m.
This enables simulcast on-site radio coverage. It is possible to use two OIC cards
simultaneously. Up to six I.SITE II can be used.
Hardware: The SC module can control up to six simulcast I.SITE II:
• Via internal connector STI-01 2 OIC in cascade for total 6 I.SITE II

Size: 4 HP
Software: –