I.SITE II transmitter


The I.SITE II is a paging network transmitter used to expand synchronous radio coverage of a Swissphone
on-site POCSAG paging system. The I.SITE II Transmitter hast to be connected via serial RS422 to the I.SITE II
Interface Module. The connection may not exceed 600m.
Description: The power supply starts at 230VAC / 50 Hz. An integrated battery (2Ah)

allows uninterruptible operation for up to 12 h.
The output power can be adjusted to 1, 5, 12, 25W.

Hardware: The hardware module ‹OIC› must be installed in the I.SEARCH. Every ‹OIC›

can control up to three I.SITE II.

Software: –
Product Designation Art. No.
25W wall mounted transmitter box,
Tx-output power ex-factory
adjustable: 1, 5, 12, 25W
230VAC / 50 Hz powered, back-up
battery 12V / 2Ah
Antenna connector 50 ohm N-Type

136 MHz to 174MHz I.SITE II-VHF2 0722206