I.SITE PLUS transmitter


The I.SITE Plus is a paging network transmitter used to extend the radio coverage of a Swissphone on-site
POCSAG paging system. As a dedicated stand-alone solution, pre-defined messages can be transmitted by the
inbuilt push-buttons. It is easily connected over the LAN and can be integrated into larger networks through
I.SEARCH. Possible applications include hospitals, airports, freight ports, oil / energy platforms, petrochemistry,
power plants, cruise ships, universities, prisons, and large construction projects.
Description: Mains powered, Input voltage range from 90-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz. Additionally,
an integrated backup battery (2 Ah) allows uninterruptible operation for up to 6 h.
Three dry input contacts are available in parallel to the inbuilt push-buttons.
The output power can be adjusted from 1 up to 25 W in 1 W steps.
LAN interface, TAP and ASCII simple protocol.

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