Swissphone offers a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) Solution called IMASYS Alert with which alarms
can be triggered, processed and administered according to predefined scenarios. The web-based IMASYS Alert
user interface is also available as an app for smartphones; see below.
Triggered alarms are forwarded to various channels via Swissphone’s multi messaging gateway. Alarms can also
be easily acknowledged on the IMASYS app and via voice messages received. If designated first responders or
contact persons reject an alarm, the alarm can easily be escalated manually or automatically with IMASYS Alert.
Two georedundant data centres, which are supplied via LAN-I and VPN connections of two independent service
providers, ensure maximum security in alarm reception, processing and forwarding, which additionally increases
In addition, Swissphone offers hybrid alarm management solutions combining the advantages of cloud-based
alarm management with automatic triggering via I / O contacts, for example for the integration of technical alarms.
Swissphone’s hybrid alarm management solutions require the s.GUARD alarm server; see page 59.
IMASYS Alert 68535