Message text enhancement



 Some users gave feedback that the messages displayed on their terminals contained text elements that distracted them, asking if these could possibly be suppressed.

Examples of such unwanted and to the end user distracting text items might be:

    • Incident numbers
    • Timestamps
    • Error codes
    • GPSpositions

The data above is there for a reason: The incident number is useful for later reference, the timestamp may be sent out to the receiver without timestamp functionality and GPS position data can be used to guide vehicles to the incident. However, some of the users might be distracted by the elaborate data. To alleviate this issue we built the ‹Replace Text Pattern› option.

The Replace Text Pattern option allows you to search for text inside the message text that conforms to certain formatting rules: e.g. Timestamp: ##:## (meaning two digits followed by a : followed by two digits). It is now possible to either suppress this text or replace it with standard text (e.g. ‹TS› for timestamps). Messages that were edited using this option are prepended with an ‹inverted asterisk›. The original messages may be read out of the terminal using service software.