Nurse Call Button JD-110


Nurse Call Button Cord JD-210 

» Simple Wiring 

» Easy-grip pendant 

» Easy to clean 

» Easily Integrates to other Systems 

» 2 meters length available for safety in anti ligature 


» Related products

  • Patient-Friendly operation to instantly alert nurse 
  • LED indicator 
  • Doctor / Nurse Button: for emergency case • Each emergency call must be cleared by JD-120 • The coverage can reach up to 800 meters in 

open space, while it’s about 200-300 meters indoor 

Nurse ID JD-120A 

» Alert disengaging device 

» IR transmitter for identification (JD 110BN) 


Frequency  UHF 430~470MHz, UHF 860~872MHz
Modulation Type  FSK
Maximum Deviation  ±2.5kHz
Harmonic Radiation  60dBc or less -36dBm
Frequency Stability  ±3 ppm at –10° C ~ +60° C
Antenna  Wire 932mm
Active Voltage range  4.8~6.5V (DC 5V or Alkaline AA battery *4
Current Consumption  Standby : 180μA Transmit : 30mA (include LED)
Dimensions (mm)  100(W)×150(L)×45.2(H)
Weight  211.5 g