Part of the IMASYS® suite


The brand name IMASYS summarises Swissphone's messaging services, which are mainly used in sensitive and
critical areas of application. They send the right message to the right place when you really need it.
The IMASYS Messaging gateway can be used in a wide range of applications: from simple information transfer to
complex alarm processes. Its features are:
• Outbound: WEB portals, e-mail applications, Windows applications or interface software.
• Inbound: A multi messaging gateway that bundles various communication channels, including SMS, email,
voice messages and the IMASYS Alert App. The latter two allow alarms to be acknowledged.
Two georedundant data centres, which are supplied via LAN-I and VPN connections of two independent service
providers, ensure maximum security in alarm reception, processing and forwarding, which additionally increases
With IMASYS, Swissphone offers a highly available Messaging as a Service (MaaS) solution, which:
• serves as a multi messaging gateway as part of other Swissphone solutions such as alarm management in the
cloud or emergency call solutions for lone worker protection and personal safety;
• can be integrated into your third-party applications. Whether as a cloud or stand-alone solution; IMASYS adapts
to your needs and can be implemented quickly and easily according to your requirements.
In combination with IMASYS Alert, alarms can be triggered, processed and administered according to predefined