The I.SEARCH with its alarm-server function can handle ‹Simple Network Management
Protocol› SNMP. Via SNMP accessed variables are organised in hierarchies. These hierarchies
and other metadata (such as type and description) are described by the ‹Management
Information Base› MIB. It describes the structure of the subsystem management data and uses
a hierarchical namespace containing ‹Object Identifiers› OID. Each OID identifies a variable that
can be read or set via SNMP. MIB uses the notation defined by the ‹Access Service Network›

Two categories of SNMP are used:

1. Sending data from the I.SEARCH to its supervising system (output software licence).
It retrieves the information through the ‹GET›, ‹GETNEXT› and ‹GETBULK› protocol
operations. Spontaneous information is sent to the supervisor using ‹TRAP› or ‹INFORM›
protocol operations.
2. Receiving data from different systems supervised by the I.SEARCH (input software licence).
Triggered by a ‹TRAP›.

Product Art. No.
SNMP output SW licence 0721933
SNMP input SW licence 0721917