SOS-Mobile is Swissphone’s intuitive app (iOS and Android) for the safety of lone workers, with the built-in fea-
tures that the app allows for sending emergency calls manually (emergency call button) and automatically (man
down / fall detection) to the Swissphone SOS-Portal and / or to predefined emergency devices in real time. The
SOS-Mobile app also allows the opening of a voice channel to the victim in case he or she is self-conscious.
Emergency call transmission via Mobile Network:
Datachannel and SMS
False alert prevention: pre-alert
Manual alerting function:
• Emergency button prevention: pre-alert
Automatic alerting functions:
• Fall detection
• Autonomous life check
• Automatic emergency voice call to predefined number

For android

For iOS

Position determination:
• Outdoor (GPS) – false alert
• Indoor (BLE beacon)
• On-site (combination of both)
Technical alarms:
• On / off function
• Battery status
• Loss of connection
• Emergency call test

Certification : The SOS-Mobile app together with the SOS Portal is certified (DGUV Regel 139-112 from Germany,
also known as BGR-139) on some devices from iSafe and Ecom.