Swissphone’s SOS-Portal is available in different configurations like, SOS.selfcare, SOS.selfcare+ and SOS.enterprise to cover different customer demands.

The offering includes high availability hosting, maintenance and software updates.


      • Professional emergency call portal to handle events
      • High redundant safety solution for maximum availability
      • Web-based and platform-independent emergency system
      • Scalable, cloud based solution
      • No hardware or software installation needed
      • maintenance covered by Swissphone, no customer maintenance needed
      • Automatic event logging


      • enables via emergency call forwarding small groups of wor ers to respond to one another’s accidents.
      • Archive function for following investigations


      • Small, close together working groups (no active emergency call handling via portal)

SOS.selfcare+ / SOS.enterprise


      • SOS.selfcare+ allows either local alarm processing (e.g business hours) or remote alarm management (e.g. off business hours) by the delegated SOS.enterprise configuration. receive emergency calls as they perform daily tasks. This platform is best for companies of all sizes with internal emergency call handling.


      • Big international companies following their own group policy
      • Demand for local and remote alarm management

Product Art. No. – Setting up the SOS-Portal account 9900138 – Licence for an emergency device per month 9900139

SOS.selfcare – Setting up the SOS-Portal account 9900134

SOS.selfcare – Licence for an emergency device per month 9900135

SOS.enterprise – Setting up the SOS-Portal account 9900270

SOS.enterprise – Licence for an emergency device per month 9900271

SOS.selfcare+ – Setting up the SOS-Portal account 9900272

SOS.selfcare+ – Licence for an emergency device per month 9900273

SOS-Portal – Additional functionality connected / BGR139 per month per device 0991148

SOS-Portal – Integration of an emergency device / a positioning transmitter 9900140

SOS-Portal – Configuration changes (device, person, plan, …) 9900141

SOS-Portal – Additional messaging / forwarding(perSMS)