Token Display LDN3V



  • Suitable for wall mounting / Hanging •
    Up to 5 levels of volume with muting feature. • Maximum recording length up
    to 16 minutes. (64Mbit, Flash, and 8K) 
  • Default recording language set as
    English (can be set as other languages). 
  • Adjustable volume level via wireless
  • Dials up to 3 digital numbers. 
  • Customized recording language in
    English, Taiwanese, Chinese. 
  • 3 token display system with wireless
    transmitter Display for use in banks, restaurants, Hospitals and Clinics. 


Transmitter (Opitional)
Desktop transmitter TE-505NA
»» Active Voltage Range :
DC 9V/2.2A
»» Output power up to 1 watt



Frequency  UHF 430~470MHz
Bit Rate  512 / 1200 / 2400bps for POCSAG
Channel Spacing 25KHz
Sensitivity  ≧ 50~60dB (25kHz)
Spurious & Image  Rejection  ≧ 50~55dB
Frequency Stability ±1 ppm for UHF, ±10 ppm for VHF
Frequency Deviation ±4.5 KHz
Dimension (mm)  390(L) x 172(H) x 52.5(D)