Transmitter control module


Description: The SC module communicates with the controller BSC via AT-Bus and performs the
following two main tasks: controlling the internal (Tx Rx-25W) and / or the external
(I.SITE II / TB8100-100W) POCSAG transmitter; read-in the shutdown button for BSC.
Three LEDs show the status at the front panel: +5VDC operating voltage;
POCSAG message transmission to TX / TRx and external 100W unit. A reset button deletes
the on-board POCSAG message storage. Two optocoupler ports (data input) and one open
collector port (data output) can be controlled via the 9-pole D-sub connector (female)
at the front panel.
The following HW modules are controlled via the SC module:
• OIC module for I.SITE II control; bear in mind:
– Max. 4 piece OIC, if no I / O module is used
– Max. 2 piece OIC, if the I / O module is used
• I / O module 1 piece

Hardware: Module SC
Size: 4 HP
Software: Transmitter control SW module

SC 0721751
Option for backfitting (instead of 0721751) 0721800