Transmitter module 25W


Description: The 25W transmitter module ‹TRx-25W› is constructed as a plug in module. Up-front there
is an antenna connector 50 Ohm N-type. The module is powered internally via a 2 pole
connector. Parameter settings will be established via a RS-232 connection with a dedicated
programming software. Only available for 25W base station 0721122 / 0721123.

Hardware: The following parameters will be set ex-factory:

• Transmitter frequency: MHz (136-174MHz, 400-470MHz)
• Channel spacing: kHz (12.5 kHz, 20kHz, 25kHz)
• Transmission power one out of 7 values: 5 to 25W, programmable in 1W steps

Size: 19 HP
Software: –
Product Designation Art. No.
25W transmitter plug-in module,
Tx-output power adjustable in
steps of 1W

136 MHz to 174MHz TRx-25W-VHF2-1 0720002
Two rear antenna connector 50 400 MHz to 470MHz TRx-25W-UHF-1 0720004